Are you stuck? Don't know what to do about a life situation you're currently challenged by? Ask Awesome Life Club coaches Kay and Eric. They'll get you unstuck and on track.
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AskALC is an online form you can use to get quick life coaching advice from Worldclass personal development coaches Kay Walker and Eric Sims.

Pose any life advice question you have! Here are some examples:

I hate my life, what should I do?
I feel stuck, how do I get unstuck?
How do I get motivated to excercise?
How do I stop someone from making me jealous?
I hate my 9-5 job, what should I do?
How do I stop the self critic inside my head?
I hate my coworker but I have to work with them every day, what can I do?
How can I stop thinking so negatively and start being happier?
I'm stressed and overwhelmed by all I have to do,  what tactics would you recommend?
I'm considering getting engaged, is this person right for me?
How do I shift from working for a company to becoming an entrepreneur?
How do I deal with a negative friend?

How do I solve this argument with my spouse?
I hate public speaking, what should I do to overcome this fear and be more confident?

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STEP 1: Fill out the online AskALC form by clicking the button below. You choose whether you'd like to provide your first name or an alias and your email.

STEP 2:  Receive a coaching response form Kay and Eric within 48 hours. It will include suggested actions you can take to get out of your challenging situations as fast as possible. If Kay and Eric answer your question on the #AskALC show, we'll send you the video when it's been posted.




Kay Walker is a life performance coach and founder of AwesomeLifeClub.comIn 2017, Walker was handpicked to train with Robbins Research International. Walker's coaching background is rooted in her formal training in neuroscience, human psychology and a decade of leadership training from Landmark Worldwide. 

She is the author of eight books in the personal development field, including Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means To Be Human (published by Que, an imprint of Pearson Education).  

Walker has been featured as an expert commentator across multiple media channels. Most recently, she was featured in ELLE Magazine on the topic of transhumanism and how humans can use technology to live better lives than ever before.


Eric Sims is a life performance coach and thought leader with 20+ experience in the personal development industry. He's an expert at leading largescale teams and as such is a Head Coach and Lead Corporate Trainer for Awesome Life Club and Mental Toughness Inc

He plays an instrumental role in his work with the Adonai Life Restoration Institute where he counsels, develops and runs programs for a community of high achieving men.

Sims' coaching background blends his expertise in peak performance training with his experience as a Business Process Outsourcing Director in Operations and Employee Engagement for multiple large scale corporations. As all great coaches do, Sims draws from his personal journey, one that's taken him from recovering addict to pastor and into his life now as an elite performance coach.

Whatcha' waiting for? (It's free!)