Bust your FEAR with this free tool

This fear crushing coaching tool will help you understand and dominate your fear, which is perhaps the most powerful negative emotion a human can experience. 

Fear will kill athletic performance every time, unless you know how to manage it and generate courage in the face of it, making a split-second decision to act anyway.

This instant MP3 download is free. It was designed by our Olympic-level mental toughness coaches to disengage your natural autopilot from acting on your fear. And, instead, make a crystal clear choice in the moment to act on your greater commitment to perform. 

It will give you freedom from your lizard brain, which wants you to protect you at all costs from perceived threat. Instead you get to feel fear and take an action that expands your performance, and summon the champion within:

  • Created by our champion-making mental toughness coaches
  • Step by step coaching to easily reprogram your fear response. 
  • MP3 playback on any digital audio device - computer, smartphone, tablet or iPod.


Warning! This is NOT a traditional coaching tool. We produced it to train you to act like the great athletes of all time. How do Olympians and elite athletes get their results? They train their bodies hard...and they train their minds harder. This tool contains no theory—just tactics  to drive yourself to max out your performance. This download is FREE.